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Smart home security cancellation

Just Moved In

I recently cancelled my security and expected to pay the cancellation fee but there was another charge they did not make me aware of. I was mislead into getting this in the first place since i didn't want it and the guy told me it was going to be free. Well it wasn't. When i tried to cancel before they said i couldn't without penalty because it was over a month before i saw it on my bill. I was forced to switch cell phone providers because telus was charging me for something they said was free and wouldn't make this right. I don't beleive they will make things right this time either so i am cancelling everything when my contract expires and going back to another provider. At least i know what i am getting from them. Telus seems to always be hiding something and not willing to right anything. This system was useless and did nothing and cost too much for it.



Hey Mark, I'm sorry to hear about your negative experience with us.  Feel free to send me a private message if you would like to discuss further if you still need assistance. 

Just Moved In
I am i the exact same situation, I was contacted by Telus and said this service is free and will actually make your bill cheaper. I ended up with a smoke alarm that sits next to an already installed fire alarm. I am i on 10th floor so no need for any of their other equipment. I am now moving back to my home country due to Family reasons and my internet they said no problem we can cancel but the smart home services will cost you $800 to cancel. Moving country apparently isn't in their list of approved waiver reasons