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Service fail

Friendly Neighbour
Your service reps are the most incompetent untrained and inexperienced employees I've ever dealt with in my 30 years of signing up for home services of any kind. I was forced into telus ast security because my security provider was bought out by telus and didn't even tell me until I had am issue and had to call them and they rold me I was with brinks them rinks was bought by telus and the saga gets better. I've spent hours and hours wasted days of waiting for techs only to hVe them not show or come with the intentions of not doing anything they were sent out to do. I've been lied to, ive been insulted called atrocious thing's. I'm sending every recorded conversations with representatives and so called managers and trust me they're hours and hours of calls to GLOBAL NEWS CONSUMER AFFAIRS.NOW THAT I KNOW IM NOT THE ONLY ONE GOING THIUGH THIS PATHETICALLY PUT TOGETHER SECURITY MERGER.WE SHOULD START A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT!!!I I also just found out that I'm not even being monitored when .supposed to have professional 24/7 monitoring.. SHAME ON YOU TELUS
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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. I'll send you a private message to discuss further, thanks.

I wont hold my breath

Haven't heard a word from you

Sent you a private message last week.

Just Moved In

I sympathize with you. I have been going through the same thing. I have been on the phone with overseas “agents” for seven days, at least 5 hrs a day. I’m also through brinks and have 3 cameras plus other equipment. They firstly were chargeing me for my equipment payments even though it was all paid off. They said they won’t refund me since I didn’t complain on my first billing. Okay that was for 3 months. Then they agreed to replace my equipment for free. Heck of a deal but when the service guy came out he said he could only give me one camera, not 3 and that my driveway monitor longer work. I said no, I don’t want this I’ll stick to my old system. Which he said was okay. He wanted to see how my cameras worked so I showed him but I could not go back on previous saved filming. It just showed no signal. I had some very important video on that I was using in a law suit which I was told today i cannot get back. I don’t understand how Telus can destroy my owned and paid for information. I also don’t understand why they’re allowed by our governments to operate with only off shore personal when Canada has such a high unemployment rate and has an open pathway for refugees from these countries. I to will be contacting global next week. I sure am willing to join a class action law suit. Good job at doing nothing for the people CRTC.