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I have I installed a surveillance system about 2 years ago. Since week one, had problems with cameras and setup. Countless of visits by different technicians in CCTV came and went. They tried but several were not able to resolve problems (continuous recording, technical glitches, etc.). After many attempts at escalation, problem still has not been resolved. Result: constant agony, ineffective surveillance system as we had break-ins and were not able to select frame in short period of time in which intruder came in as we had to scroll through tons of frames/days to locate the right one). Telus reps putting us on hold forever, line being cut at least 6 times, etc. Situation is unacceptable. Thousands of dollars spent and cannot surveil home properly. No physical address to send a letter of complaint, tel. Reps unclear on what to do, overseas reps. Trying hard to help but little/no communication to appropriate people here in Canada or neighborhood as too many departments involved or coordinators not getting back to follow through. Will get informed on legal recourse. Good day.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Securitynah That's definitely not a good experience. I sent you a private message to hopefully kickstart escalating this to the proper team so please keep an eye out for it 🙂