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Security equipment after Cancellation

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I just recently canceled my SmartHome service my contract was finished and the price went up by 30% I canceled and get to keep the doorbell camera and the smart thermostat. But I can’t use them through the Telus App, how can I use the equipment from my phone if I can or else would be useless to keep…

Community Power User
Community Power User

"You get to keep", simply means Telus does not want the items returned. AFAIK, all the peripherals are proprietary to the system, and not able to be used independently as a connected device.


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They sell you a product at a markup! and then render it useless unless you pay what ever they want forever? how is this legal? They should be required to unlock them just as they have to do with their marked up cell phones. This will be one more thing i never buy from telus again i suppose. Nothing but professional ripoff artists. Might as well ad extortionists to the bag of dirty tricks they use to extract money from us.