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My Bill keep rising although I have a contract for fixed price

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About two weeks ago, I contacted TELUS to inquire about my unusually high bill and to address the ongoing issue with the installation of fiber optics, which resulted in the destruction of my front yard. Despite the supposed fiber installation, I questioned why I was still on a copper connection. The agent explained that I needed to schedule an appointment for the installation and offered to assist me with that. After agreeing to an appointment, I pressed the agent about my high bill, but she claimed it was beyond her authority to resolve billing issues. Insistent on finding a resolution, I requested to speak with her supervisor. Unfortunately, she couldn't connect me at that moment but assured me that someone would call me back. She took down my contact information.

The following day, the supervisor contacted me, and we discussed both my billing concerns and my Internet 100 plan. He attributed the high bill to the expiration of a promotional offer in September. However, I informed him that I had signed a new contract on August 14, 2023, with a monthly bill of $120, including Internet 100 and a Free Netflix account. Despite my insistence, he claimed he couldn't locate the contract on his end and proposed a new contract with a monthly bill of $154. Due to a scheduling conflict, I asked him to call me the next day after the fiber installation to further discuss the matter.

After the installation was completed by a TELUS agent last week, the supervisor contacted me as promised. However, he reiterated that he couldn't find the contract and offered the $154 plan again. Frustrated, I insisted that he review the recorded conversation with the TELUS agent on August 14. Unwilling to do so, I decided to cancel my contract effective November 30, 2023, as reflected in my account when I checked online.

Today, upon discovering a bill of $527.98, I contacted TELUS, and an agent named WILL answered. I explained the situation, including details of my conversation with the supervisor and the existence of a contract three months prior. To my surprise, WILL confirmed the contract dated August 14, 2023, with a $120 plan, Internet 100, and Free Netflix. Expressing confusion over the excessively high bill, he promised to investigate. However, the call mysteriously ended, and he never called back.

I am now seeking a prompt and definitive resolution to these ongoing issues with TELUS. I've endured the inconvenience of front yard destruction and the protracted back-and-forth discussions. It is my hope that TELUS addresses and resolves these matters promptly and satisfactorily.


Community Manager
Community Manager

@Seyobed I've sent you a private message. Please keep an eye out for it 🙂