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Home Alarm Incessant Beeping& Alarm Ugrade Harrasement

Just Moved In
Anyone else experiencing similar interactions with ADT to Telus Home Alarm?

Being heavily "persuaded" to upgrade Alarm system. Through NUMEROUS phone calls with Telus. FINALLY, when asked their security team, " Will my Alarm work without upgrades? Yes or No."

Was informed it will continue to operate. Ok.
Since then I have been continously rebuffing unsolicited phone calls and mail asking me to upgrade.

Now the main alarm keypad picks 3AM IN THE MORNING to start an extremely annoying beeping sound that constantly wakes up the family. Called Telus "tech" and he said they can't stop it. Only for a couple hours. The only way to stop it, according to him, was unplug the power supply and disconnect ENTIRE SYSTEM from their network.
Laughable really.

And that is where tech support from telus,
Who when on NUMEROUS previous calls to telus (30 min or more call time out of my work day) looking to resolve issues, they insist on CONTINUOUSLY playing whitewashing ads telling me they are "moving towards a more sustainable future", left me with this issue.

Does the above descriptions above feel like they are building a community, or moving to a more "sustainable future."

And I have EVERY SERVICE under their banner. Home internet, 3 mobile lines, TV, etc. And they treat me like this.

If they could resolve issues with the fluidity they have taught their call centre's to "apolgize" and "understand my frustrations" (extremely patronizing,
by the way) I would pay double the final bill.

Anyone from telus want to dispute my above statements, try and describe me as some "hothead, always going to be disgruntled " customer- DO NOT Hesitate to Reach. Out.

We can spend the 30 min call time "resolving" issue and I will walk you through it again.

Off to execute the only option provided to me by elus tech support and pull my home alarm off their network.
No Home Alarm

That TELUS solution really help build community safety and "sustainability"?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. I'll send you a private message to discuss further, thanks.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. I'll send you a private message to discuss further, thanks.