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Door to Door Salesman Deciept


I see many post that are similar to the one i am about to write hear. How do these guys get away with it.


In February a door to door Telus representative came to my door with an offer to install Telus Security as Telus was on a big promotion campaign to get Telus customers to try their security system. Because i have been with Telus for 20+ years the rep said i was approved for 3 years of free Telus security. NO CATCH. He also said that Telus would reduce my existing services plan by 15%. This would reduce my current services bill to around $168 per month. I received my firat bill and it was well over $300. I called the rep and he said not to worry the adjustment will take place. Well the adjustment has never happened. Phone calls and text messages following all said that he is sorry for the delay and he will fix it. I have recorded the calls and text messages. The problem is still not corrected. I have now received another bill over $300. This deception is criminal in my mind. I hope Telus will either cancel my home security or honour what their representative is offering. Reading these posts i am not the only one and would be willing to coordinate with others for a formal complaint to an authority on this matter.


Update. Telus phone agents were very responsive to my situation. I would like to extend great gratitude for their understanding and help resolving this issue. 

Great to hear, appreciate your patience with this.