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Deceitful any lying door to door salespersons.

Just Moved In

This is just a warning about Telus door to door salesman. I signed up for the security service un the pretense from the salesman that it was a 1-year contract. As it turns out, the guy lied to our faces, and we really signed up for 5 years.

READ the entire contract before you sign it. Do not trust the slime balls that come to your door. They will do or say anything to get you to sign on the dotted line.

And once you sign up, Telus doesn’t care if their contractors were dishonest.

To be fair, I’m not unhappy with the service. The sensors do go offline a lot, so I can say it’s not that reliable.  I just hate being lied to, especially when the only repercussions are on me.

My other services are off contract this month, and I’ll be cancelling all my
Telus services and switch to Shaw or another provider. Hopefully the monthly deal I get with them will serve as a way to finance the VERY HIGH cancellation fee.


Has anyone else experienced this?



@KayJV  I never sign a contract unless i have looked at the term and happy with it. Got caught once years ago on an interest change in one. Will not deal with door to door sales people or election ones or fund raising unless i know the person. Polecat

Just Moved In
It’s not just the door to door sales people that will lie to you. Took over 10 hrs on the phone and 3 attempts to install the system! Total wasted time 16 hrs. I was lucky and able to cancel in the first thirty days. But had to remove all the equipment myself. Never again Telus never again. I love you we can beat bullying. Telus your the biggest bully out there.


No experience with the alarm people, but the ones selling internet, either door to door or in shopping malls...really are the lowest of the low.  Telus seems to have no standards and no way of people to address it, as this has gone on for many years.  Telus is always talking about how great they are, while they hire annoying contractors as salespeople, outsource a lot of customer service and support to third world countries, and prohibit wifi calling outside of Canada while Rogers does.  Telus still has a lot of positive attributes but they are diminishing by the day.


Hey KayJV, sorry for the delay.  We have 3 or 5 year terms for our SmartHome Security services, which depends on a few factors (promotional offers available, plans, etc). Being told that your contract was only 1 year isn't right, and I definetly want to escalate this further to make sure the feedback is sent to the representative, and make sure you get the technical assistance you need. I'll be sending you a private message in a moment to discuss further. Thanks for your patience!