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Call Centre cannot help with repair appointments

Just Moved In
I am on the Gulf Islands and since Telus bought Price Alarms I can no longer speak with a person in the area. I have to call the generic call centre and wait on hold for over an hour. Once someone picks up it takes them another 30 minutes to look up my account and tell me that they see there is a service request and “dispatch will call you in 24 hours and to keep your phone lines open” which is obviously just a script they are reading. It has been 4 weeks and 6 call centre agents later (giving me the exact same script) and nobody calls me in 24 hours. I do not understand what is going on or why a real person in the area will not call me to help set up a repair appointment. This is has been an awful customer service experience. Is anyone else having this problem? I hope someone from Telus actually monitors this forum so they can see how terrible the Telus experience is now.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey. I'll send you a private message to discuss further.

Please help me.

I am on a call with the call centre again and I am being bounced around from repairs to adt to custom home department.

Everytime I call (and even now on the phone) I am told "I need an upgrade not a repair I cannot help you" and I am transferred and then I get "your system is upgraded you need a repair I can't help you" and then I am transferred again and I get "I am adt not custom home I will send you to custom home" and then custom home says "you don't need an upgrade you need a repair" and then around and around. I cannot believe this is happening.