Wanted to start a thread to see what everyone's listening to these days. I was raised on music from the time I was a baby, and one of my earliest memories is listening to Beatles records with my father. I used to listen primarily to only one type of music, but after running a music store for over 5 years, I got turned on to so many good artists that now I listen to practically anything. Thought I'd post a few videos of what I'm listening to lately.



Cult Leader - sludgy hardcore out of Utah. Their new album 'A Patient Man' is one of my go-to workout albums. 



ionnalee - electronic dance-pop stuff. Caught her live in Vancouver a few months back and she was amazing.



Zola Jesus - dark alternative gothic pop. One of my all-time favorite artists.



LEATHERS - my friend Shannon's awesome new-wave 80's synthwave stuff...can't beat it.



As you can see, my tastes run the gamut lol. What are you all listening to?


The new Drab Majesty album 'Modern Mirror' dropped today and after my first listen through it's unbelievably great. For fans of 80's new wave meets The Cure meets Depeche Mode...right up my alley. Check them out!