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Read an article about Black Mirror where the author ranked the episodes from best to worst. Curious to know if everyone agrees with the ranking.

I won't rank every season/episode but my top five favourites (from best to worst) are:

1) Black Museum*
2) White Christmas
3) Be Right Back
4) Hang the DJ
5) White Bear
23) Crocodile**

*LOVED Black Museum largely because it's super weird but also it pushes the ethical/moral boundaries and forces you to think about what you would do if you were presented with those dilemmas. Is it ethical to transfer someone's consciousness to an inanimate object for eternity even if they agree to it? 

**Hate this episode because if you watched it, you'd know why Smiley Wink

How would you rank your favourite episodes?


Having seen every episode...there were only a few I just flat out didn't care for (Metalhead, for example), but the one episode that I think is still the best for me is White Christmas. That still resonates with me in a lot of ways. The one aspect I love with Black Mirror is how it's sci-fi, but it's things that could easily happen tomorrow. That's the scariest aspect for me.

I never made it past S1 E1, The National Anthem. I'm sure the writing improved since then but I've never got around to giving it another chance. So many shows to watch so little time.

Great choices for your top 5, @dru. I actually had to double check what episode Crocodile was... It would definitely be towards the bottom of my list too.


If I had to rank my top 5 it would probably be something like...

1. Be Right Back
2. San Junipero
3. White Bear
4. Black Museum
5. White Christmas


@xray I'd suggest giving the rest of the series another shot in the future if you ever run out of things to watch. The first episode was definitely rough imo, but it's all uphill from there.


On a sorta-related note, Love, Death & Robots on Netflix is another (adult) anthology that I really enjoyed. As someone whose first experience with anthology shows was Black Mirror, I found LD+R to be a super fun watch.


All good choices Dru, however, the real question is..."Are we ever going to see this type of technology soon?" 

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Episode 1 was super disturbing, I almost gave up as well but I stopped it and skipped episodes - I'm now a fan!


I'll be back with my list ...