"No Internet" when opening PikTV app


Every time I open the PikTV app it simply goes to a grey/black screen that simply says "no internet" and then on the right there's 3 options of; Exit/Restart/Settings. Seems simple enough, but the box is connected to the internet, speed tests show good connection/speed, all other apps work fine, can watch youtube and netflix without issue. ONLY the piktv app has an issue.

I have tried both wired ethernet and wifi connection.. no change

Factory reset the box and reinstalled all updates etc.. no change

Reset both router and modem.. no change

Finally today, assuming it was just the junky telus piktv android box at fault, i went out and spent 260$ on an nVidia shield pro, and low and behold... No Internet still..

Anyone else experience this? or have any other ideas to try before i sit on hold for 3 hours to get through to tech support?