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Oh Telus. I've never joined a forum just to be negative but just once I'd like to call Telus and have something go according to plan. Pik TV looks great on paper but a couple things need to be mentioned. I picked up the box after seeing it at BestBuy but check service availability first. I live just a few minutes from Calgary but it is considered rural so the service is not available. It is just a streamed service through your internet is it not? Also even though the box and the display clearly say the minimum requirement is Telus15 they claim it is actually Telus25 (I cannot get Telus25 in my area). I wouldn't care about either but they state otherwise on the box. They of course will be happy to set me up with a full satellite package but I'm guessing this box would be kind of aimed at cord-cutters to begin with. This is kind of a head scratcher because I've streamed Netflix and Crave etc. for years with no issues on Telus6 let alone Telus15. I realize I would be a very small demographic but do not buy it in-store unless you're sure you can subscribe. I guess I'll look into Kodi lol.   


The requirements are clearly stated: https://www.telus.com/en/ab/tv/pik/ (bottom of page)


Can I get Pik TV?

To subscribe to Pik TV, you must: have TELUS Internet 15 if you’re an existing TELUS Internet customer or qualify for TELUS Internet 25 if you’re new to TELUS Internet, live in BC or Alberta, and not currently be subscribed to Optik TV.


It's not available in all areas. It's definitely good to look at / learn about something you plan on buying, before you buy it.


So even though the product itself and the literature clearly state all I need is Telus15 it is still my responsibility to make sure that info is accurate? Kind of irrelevant anyway as I am an existing Telus15 customer and still being told I need to upgrade to 25...which isn't available in my area. Again, nowhere can I find from Telus where it states any location restrictions; just that it's available for BC and AB. I'm only out $100 and not really the end of the world I guess I'm just kind of ticked at being mislead yet again and that all three of the Telus reps I spoke with seem to be just as confused as I am about why there would be any kind of location restrictions. I stream multiple services routinely to my TV (netflix, crave, amazon, youtube. PSN etc.) and not one of them is concerned that my house might be located in the wrong part of town.20180213_165037.jpg          

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You are only out your time, as the device has a money back guarantee.

PikTV requires you be in an area where Optik TV is also available, so areas only able to access Internet 15, but not Optik, are not able to host PikTV.
I expect it is a Quality if Service issue, as PikTV is zero rated, but would consume a sizeable portion of your bandwidth.
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