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mouse/curser/pointer option not available in Remote control



I am a PIK TV user, I have one query about PIK TV remote. On normal every android boxes with  Android operating system, there is mouse/curser/pointer option is always available.  But this PIK TV remote not having a mouse curser type of functionality. we can press the button for pressing Tab but mouse pointer is not available. Even I put my  Logitech K400 Plus keyboard on Pik Tv USB, button functionality works fine on keyboard  but skip all touch board functionality. This thing is annoying while I want to drag any item on screen, like close any android app, drag movie time bar on particular time with dragging pointer etc.  is I have to install any thing on PIK box? or this functionality controlled by some hidden function. I want curser/ pointer  functionality on screen.



I am not 100% but I think this may be due to the fact that Pik TV runs on "Android TV" platform whereas some other boxes just use the regular Android OS.

Android TV was developed by Google specifically as a smart TV platform and the probably optimised experience for big screen compared to regular Android OS being loaded on a box