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is there anyone from Telus moderating this board?

Good Samaritan

is there anyone from Telus involved with and moderating this board?



@wdwillows  There are quite a few. Click on see all blog posts on this page lots of people to contact if needed. They chime in when they see a need to.

ok, so where are they?

@wdwillows  If you have a problem and  the users here can't help a moderator will answer at some point. Go  back to main page  to  neighbourhood blog right hand near bottom and click on ( see all blog ) a lot of names of telus reps with info blogs.

Unless you're asking about why they don't have wifi callilng enabled outside Canada...then one is ignored.  Of course, there is no good reason to block this, except in the handful of countries where it is illegal.  

Community Power User
Community Power User

The Neighbourhood is meant to be a customer-based support forum. Telus employees rarely get involved, unless they see it as a necessity.

Are there issues you see that require moderation? If so, you can offer comment, and someone will address it. If you are expecting regular commentary from Telus staff, that is not part of the design of the Neighbourhood.


If you find a post useful, please give the author a "Kudo"

so they privatize the money but socialize customer support....unpaid moderators working as customer support for a billion dollar company....have any of you moderators read the many threads about the freezing issue that has been ongoing from 2020....other than "works for me"  

@wdwillows @NFtoBC  We don't want to get paid Just help people sort out some problems. Devices that people buy install like your laptop require updating on an ongoing basis. This sometimes causes conflicts between receiver to tv ---sound system and what ever else that gets plugged in the network. Designers can miss a conflict there are so many different tv boxes. I have  helped a lot of people get internet cables through a house with very little cutting of rock. I'm practical not tech.  The android boxes were trouble since day one had buddies try them (save $ ) ended up back on the system that was dependable.  Telus has always fixed the problem remotely or send new box. Polecat

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hi @wdwillows 


There are TELUS employees who moderate the Neighbourhood forum, but they are just that - moderators. They are here to ensure that the members are civil, respectful and don't engage in any behaviour that is offside. The Neighbourhood is meant as an alternative place where you can seek answers among your fellow customers, who are here voluntarily. Quite often there are issues or unique circumstances that they have encountered and solved, and are willing to help out where possible. There are some employees (myself included) that pop by from time to time to try and help resolve general inquiries and issues. I'm not perfect, I don't work 24/7 and I don't have all the answers, but I'll do my best to try and help. Please note that we cannot and will not ask for personal information, nor can we pass it along due to privacy regulations.   


The full suite of support is not 'socialized'. There is a dedicated team of paid technical support agents who are ready, able and willing to help. There are also support articles available at Your best bet if you're having trouble is to click the 'contact us' link at the bottom right of this page. It is nearly impossible to troubleshoot a particular issue over a forum due to the infinite number of possible setups, some of which are within the scope of TELUS support, and some of which are not.