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Resolved! Android UI?

Most of the discussion is on the Pik TV app. Does Telus also control the Android UI?lots of steps to get to "Force Stop"can we reverse the order active apps are displayed. I find I need to scroll several screens to find the Pik TV app to close it.as ...

xl by CPU Alum
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Resolved! Hidden SSID setup

When trying to setup the box to a hidden SSID wifi connection. It will not allow me to setup using the phone. I need to use the remote to do the setup manually.

xl by CPU Alum
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Resolved! Kodi media center *Icon bug*

Installed Kodi media center. Launched the weather channel and then shut down the program. Upon exit a remenat icon is produced on the screen and overlays all UI settings and apps. The only way to remove this icon is to reboot the device. It is easily...

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Resolved! Menu navigation

In the PikTV UI "settings" -> "system settings" when you select "launch system settings". You come to the android UI upon exit goes to the channel you were viewing.Can it not revert back to the "settings" menu UI of the PikTV app?

Resolved! Blank screen going to Pik TV from home area (house icon)

After watching Netflix, I went to home and then chose the Pik TV app but it just goes to a blank greyish screen. If I click the bottom right TV guide/menu button while on this blank screen I can see the guide and am able to pick and play a channel wi...

t80 by Coach
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Resolved! Movie Scrolling Issue

If I scroll too far down the movie listing (say, 30 rows down) and select a movie to view its information page, upon exiting back to the movie listing, the highlight around the selected movie is gone, and clicking an arrow key will trigger the movie ...

JSO by Coach
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Resolved! Multitask viewing

Is there a way to watch pik tv in a small window while i do other things on my device, ios or android? I can definately do it on my ipad with netflix and youtube

JCT by TELUS Employee
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Resolved! Question on Data Usage

Well I know watching stuff through the Pik App does not count towards the data usage, but how about watching youtube, Netflix or any other apps that is install. Does data use through other app count towards data usage?

Pappy by Coach
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