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When will PIK TV work as advertised.

Just Moved In

I have had PIK for a year and it was working finally, and now they went and made changes and it SUCKS!!!!.  Video is constantly freezing and I am now looking at leaving Telus for Shaw as they don't try and put out products that do not work!


Just Moved In
I just got off the phone with technical support and they basically said they can't help me

Don't brag about how good your customer service is if you can't back it up

I just laughed and said thanks

Just Moved In
Basically though it was working a lot better than when i first got it until this new update...on the phone tried to give me a workaround that I had already tried before...I'm not mad and I'm just a little frustrated and Im not gonna change companies...I get a pretty good deal for my plan already...just hope for maybe a bill credit for something that they can't get working...theres hoping haha