When is PikTV (browser) going to stop using Flash


I've had lots of minor issues with PikTV through a browser, with Edge working slightly better than either Chrome or Firefox:  Audio sync and disconnects are the primary issues.  


In my experience, the primary cause of this is PikTVs use of Flash which is blocked by default in modern browsers due to performance and security issues.  Honestly, the ability to play PikTV through a browser was the key feature which caused me to dump Shaw and move to Telus (I have 3x HTPCs in the house), but I don't think I would have if I had known in advance that Flash was the delivery mechanism.


Adobe is set to discontinue Flash in 2020 and is encouraging HTML5 adoption.  So, given that, is Telus planning on converting to HTML5 (or moving to a different provider that uses HTML5) in the near future?  Or is a Windows/Mac App in the works that would be an alternative to playing in a browser?




Great question!


HTML5 browser support would be the lowest common denominator as it would allow users on non MS/Apple OSs to watch Pik TV.


Apps would be good, as they would offer the developer more services to provide us with a better Pik experience. But Apps come with their own issues (supported OSs, OS versions etc.) Microsoft have universal apps, and Apple is beta testing an API for one app to run native macOS and iOS, but of course, no firm release date. For Telus, that would mean only two code bases to maintain (Universal Windows and "Universal" Apple.) But Linux and Chrome?


HTML5 needs to be a priority.





I just want something that is NOT flash based.  


I get it though.  I'm pretty sure Telus isn't actually hosting the browser-based PikTV but sending it off to a 3rd-party.  So the 3rd-party (TV3Cloud.com) needs to stop using Flash or Telus needs to stop using them.