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What happen to the ON DEMAND listings?

Just Moved In

I pay for ON DEMAND for Crave and HBO. I search for the George Carlin documentary ... I type in full name ... I click on thumbnail ... no episodes. Telus makes me feel like a fool ... wastes my time? I have experienced many examples of NO DEMAND vs ON DEMAND. Why is this happening?


I had that issue, the listings on the crave channel only went up to E.
I ended up installing the crave app, then logging in with my telus credentials.
At least that app works, good luck.


@DAMU As X-ray mentioned it looks like this issue has been posted about in a separate thread and is being looked into as a fix for a possible future software roll out.


@Qix Out of curiosity, when you installed the Crave app and logged in with your Telus credentials, did that fix the listing issue only going up to E?

@ Dimo-XNo, that changed nothing in the Pik App.

"on demand/channels/crave" still only goes as far as E,

Gotcha, hopefully it gets fixed in a software update.