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We're Looking for Pik TV Testers


Hello Neighbours we have an exciting opportunity for you!


We are looking for current Pik TV subscribers to help test new releases, features, functionality, reliability and user experience.

We’d like to get your feedback to help us build an experience that best meets your needs.


Our first trial will target users who are using Pik TV on their Apple smartphone or tablets, however we are looking for all types of testers.

There will be more trials in the future for all the different ways you can use Pik TV.


If you are interested in testing Pik TV, please fill in the form below by April 7th.

The first trial for Apple smartphones & tablets will start on April 10th


Before filling in the form, have this information ready:

  • TELUS account number (found on your bill)
  • App store account associated with the device(s) that you will be using for Pik TV trials.

Interested in testing PIK? – Click the link to sign up by April 7th

Pik TV Trial Sign Up Form -


Is this legit?

Community Power User
Community Power User

Yes. @Sumeet is a Telus employee and there is more info here.

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Aren't we all beta testers already?


i've just installed purefibre 150 and pik tv came as a add on i have no issues with it but it does seem to buffer alot when im the only user on the network 

You should not be having any buffering issues. Is it connected with a network cable or connected via wifi?

Helpful Neighbour

Why focus on Apple?


Android and Windows hold dominant market share. Your own Telus Pik Media box - plagued with problems - is Android.


Shouldn't you be fast-tracking improvements to your own officially supported platform? Wouldn't solving problems on your own platform naturally be a priority?


Isn't this effort simply admitting you are abandoning Telus Pik Media Box owners?