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Voice Commands now available on Pik TV!

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

We are continuing to improve the Pik TV experience and today we launched our first version of voice commands.  You can now speak to your remote from within the Pik TV app to search for your favourite shows, movies and actors as well as change channels.  To learn more about this new feature please check out our support article.   


This feature was automatically pushed to all Pik TV media boxes therefore no action is required to enable voice commands.  If pressing the mic button does not seem to be working please reboot your media box (unplug it and plug it back in).  Please also note that you must allow Pik TV to record audio for this feature to be enabled. 


For additional troubleshooting steps please check out our troubleshooting support article.  


Supported Voice Commands

At this time there are a limited number of voice commands that are currently supported:


Command type example
Search by exact titleKung Fu Panda 3
Search by general titleKung Fu Panda
Search by actorTom Cruise
Change channels by numberGo to channel 101
Change channels by nameGo to CTV

Note: We are continuing to improve our voice commands and will update this list when new features are launched.