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VOD stops and restarts at guide?


Hello Everyone,


I was wondering if anyone has experienced where they are watching a VOD (rental) and it stops and boots you back into the guide? Basically 20mins into StarWars Rogue 1, the screen went black and kicked me back to the guide. I had to start from the beginning (no resume) and fast forward to where it stopped. 





hi there,

I have also noticed 2 issues in last couple days with the On Demand content: when the content (movie) was played:

1. it started by default at the a 30 mins mark

2. it stopped mid way and exited into the Live TV mode.

the VOD movie in this case was Moana.


TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

This has happened to me, but only once. As noted by onetyme, video stopped playing for no apparent reason and I was booted back to the guide.


I have watched VOD (from the Pik VOD store) several times on the box without experiencing any other problems.

Just Moved In

VOD issues in my home as well.  VOD suddenly stops and returns to guide while watching VOD movies or Cravetv. Has happened using main pvr as well as digital boxes. Last night while watching Wonderwoman movie. Previous night while watching Spider-Man movie.  Sometimes audio drops for a moment a few times first.  Once the TV signal lost completely.  New house on fibre.  All connections are wired.  Telus techs have done a bunch of testing as well as replaced the main pvr twice and the wifi modem as well as the fibre modem.  Last I heard Telus was planning to trouble shoot something outside my house.