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UPDATE: No hardware required: Pik TV on your computer browser or mobile device

Community Manager
Community Manager

Last month we released a major software update that incorporated a lot of your feedback. Today, I'm happy to announce we're continuing to listen to you and we've made the TELUS Media Box an optional requirement to watch your favourite programs. Enjoy Pik for $10 per month and watch through your browser!


What’s New?


Watch Pik TV without having to purchase a Pik TV Media Box

You’ll no longer need to purchase the Pik TV Media Box. From now on, new customers can watch Pik through your browser and/or mobile phone. You’ll still have the option of purchasing the Pik TV Media box for fuller functionality.


For more support articles, please visit the dedicated Pik TV support articles

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Almost there! 


When Pik app is available on Apple TV I will definitely purchase a monthly subscription.


Apple announced yesterday that tvOS will have "zero sign-in" feature, which will enable a future Pik App to only work on a Telus internet connection. Hopefully, that will make a Pik App for Apple TV more likely?


Please! Pretty, please!


Please make Pik TV app available on Shield TV as well. Pik TV box is already Android TV like Shield TV, but it is so slow compared to Shield TV.

Agreed...just bought a NVidia shield TV pro on sale 20% off ebay father's day promo would be great to occasionally access PikTV app on another TV even if it counts towards data usage.


I was able to sideload PikTV app on my shield box but just hangs when trying to launch app Man Sad

Thanks for the update, Dru.


Does this recent update mean that I can stream PIK TV through the SMART IPTV app that is pre-installed on my LG SMART TV?


I am very interested in streaming a legal IPTV service through the TV without the need for the set box, wires etc.


I look forward to your confirmation.




@EastVanCM you will not be able to use the smartiptv app. There is no external playlist.

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Thanks @WestCoasterBC


Can you explain further - I don't understand the external playlist comment?  I am a newbie at this and trying to reduce external hardware for the minimal cable TV that I actually watch.




Community Power User
Community Power User

Have a look here for some details. The short version is PikTV is not distributed in the format SmartIPTV uses, so there is no stream to stream.


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Because you need a newer version of android  🙂 


Still waiting until the app is released for Android TV, hopefully ShieldTV.  The hardware is awesome, would be nice to watch on TV without needing an extra box.


Just want to throw my voice out there to say that it would be GREAT to see an Android TV app.

You've already got an Android app so it should take next to no effort to make it work with the remote instead of a mouse/touch.

FireTV's, ShieldTV's ... there are plenty of legit Android TV boxes out there.  I can't believe you're making much profit on your own hardware so why not make it easier for people to use your service.


Just Moved In

You can also watch piktv on your computer  using Bluestacks   and side loading the APK   ..   you can also cast it to a chromecast from any android device including bluestacks ..

Community Power User
Community Power User
We’re not talking about using an emulator to sideload an app. The discussion is on Android TV being supported on more devices that do run the Android TV platform. Like Nvidia Shield and MiiBox. Not a mobile platform big difference.

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Especially since there's an awesome sale on shields right now 🙂