UPDATE: Making Pik TV better and better

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UPDATE: Making Pik TV better and better

Hi Folks, we're continuously working to make the Pik TV experience better so I have a quick announcement about an update that will be available starting May 14th which will improve the Pik viewing experience. 


On your Pik TV Android Media box, the update will be downloaded and installed automatically over your internet connection. This should only take up to 15 minutes. For updates to the Pik TV app on your phones and tablets, please update the app by going to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.


More details about the update process can be found here.


What’s New?


1) Improved stability and security

The Android Media Box is now updated to Android Nougat (N) and includes stability and security improvements.


2) More channels to watch on your web browser

More channels like HBO have been added to the Live TV experience on web browsers. Enjoy now at www.telus.com/watchpik.


3) Updated details and guide layout

Discover more TV shows and movies with our new guide layout. Learn more about the cast, crew, and other interesting facts about your favourite shows.


4) Newer versions of Google Apps

With this update on the Android Media Box, you’ll get newer versions of Google Apps including YouTube and Netflix.


I'm also experiencing the Netflix stopping issue since the update. I have reinstalled the app and it's still happening.
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  Have you re-installed the Netflix App as well?


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Yes I've re-installed the app, I've actually noticed the following issues since updating to Nougat:

1) Netflix will just stop playback and go back to the shows main screen where I can choose to resume but playback will stop again in 5-10 mins

2) Netflix will go black but I can still hear sound

3) Netflix will freeze completely 


All of these can be fixed by restarting the box either by using the UI or by unplugging it. All these issues started after the update. I've noticed that you're now offering to have PikTV available without hardware couldn't you also just remove the condition in the app that it must be running on that device? I have a mibox that is a lot more powerful than the current PikTV box and it would be great if I could just use it on that. If you're removing the hardware constraint you may as well remove it on the app as well.




Thanks for the update info. Just curious, why was the box updated to Android 7 instead of 8? Other Android boxes are running 8 and were upon it's release in the fall.

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@bb123 Remember this is android tv, not those cheaper boxes on amazon or ebay running the mobile version wrapped in a launcher.

Nvidia shield is on Nougat, Xiaomi Mi Box rolled out a beta of Oreo. still, Android TV on Oreo (8) developers have way more work to code for the new UI, and have been slow to do this.

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Shield is rolling out Oreo now, shame they still don't offer an Android TV app instead of having to use the Telus provided one. 

I also have a Nexus player which updated to 8. I assumed if the work was being done to update the PIK box Telus would choose the most recent (8 months old at this point) version of Android.

Based on how long it took to fix the guide issues I don't give Telus the benefit of the doubt that much effort goes into making PIK all it should be.
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Android N / 7 is currently the most common version of Android out there. It works, it's stable, and it gets security updates. 


Nexus devices are in a league of their own. They get updates direct from Google and that is the single reason you've seen a software update for the old Nexus Player. You'll also find that Android 8 is only running on a mere 5% of all Android devices. (Source) I'm strongly suspecting for Android TV devices the % is even lower. 



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Updating now...fingers crossed Cat Wink


Updated yesterday. After some hick-ups with the remote got it going again. And the guide problem (not remembering the last selected channel) seems to be resolved now. Thank you Telus, good job here.


But instead of adding new stuff, how about fixing all the old annoyances first? Error 4-44-140 reappeared after 15 mins running time today. For some reason the data stream just stops. No automatic retries. A channel change gets it going again but its almost mid 2018 today - these problems should really correct themselves automatically! It does not happen with YouTube or Crackle, definitely a PikTV problem. What would you call a browser that stops loading webpages and you would have to start reloading them manually? ...