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Tv episodes missing

Several TV shows are mussing episodes. Gor example Next level Chef only shows the last epidode coming on June 22nd. I've watched several before but now none are showing. Quantum leap is jyst saying error. Not even showing any episodes or cast info. Young Sheldon starts at episode 4, 1-3 are missing, bug can't even select to play any episodes

Community Manager
Community Manager

@JasonSavard Can you specify which season(s) are affected with the missing episodes? Thank you.

To many are messed up to last all. Here are just a couple examples.

Next level Chef. Is a favorite TV show. We've watched several episodes. It now shows no seasons and no episodes. They where just doing season 2

Young Sheldon ' Season 6 shows episodes 13, 15 and 16. But won't let me play them.

Bob loves Abishola - shows season 4 episodes 3( upcoming July 4) episode 9(played Dec 05,2022)

So I'm having a hard time swallowing paying for a service that flat out is broken for a key functional feature

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks, I've flagged them 🙂