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This program can only be played while on your Telus Home WiFi


I noticed that my internet speeds over WiFi were abysmal using the Telus WiFi HUB on my Gigabit fibre connection with Pik TV and Apple TV connected over WiFI. The issue stemmed from the HUB is in the condo closet next to the min entrance so when the mirrored doors are closed the signal drops significantly not reaching either the Apple TV in the living room or the second one in the bedroom. So my workaround was to place the Telus WiFi HUB in Bridge Mode and run the WiFI through an ASUSOG-AX11000 router which also gives the added benefit of 802.11ax for my devices in the home that use WiFi 6. This provided me with WiFi speeds approximating 900 Mbps up/down throughout the home. Though by doing this I noticed there’s 3 Pik TV channels (OMNI 119, CHEK 121 and APTN 125) that display the following message when trying to play from either my Apple TV, iPad Pro or iPhone while in the home “This program can only be played while on your Telus Home WiFi”. Is there anyway to bypass this network protection measure to get the 3 channels that are not playing? I’m clearly connected to the Telus internet as all of my other channels play. I’d also rather not go back to using the Telus WiFi HUB for WiFi based on the signal degradation and lack of features compared to the ASUS ROG-AX11000 router.


TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hi @John_H 


Unfortunately, some of our content providers limit access to programming away from your home TELUS internet connection. While you are clearly at home, the in-home detection system is only set up to recognize TELUS-specific configurations, and not different third-party router setups or VPNs. Can you hard-wire your Apple TV with ethernet?    

Good Samaritan

same issue here if trying to stream from a stand alone MacBook...MSNBC requires a Telus Network....have the Telus router but using a EERO mesh wi-fi so until this latest issue, today, with the out of sync audio/video all the station were working...the Apple TVs are ethernet to a EERO device

To hard wire the Apple TV from the living room to the Telus WiFi HUB it would require 30 feet of Ethernet cable. It’s unfortunate the Telus WiFi HUB model doesn’t support 802.11ax as it would provide better WiFi range, speed and security afforded WiFi 6 and I wouldn’t need to resort to a bridged router solution.

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hi @John_H @wdwillows 


As mentioned above, our content providers limit access to certain channels (including MSNBC), so if you're adding in 3rd party hardware (extenders, mesh systems, firewalls etc.) to your TELUS internet setup, the in-home detection system may not function properly to recognize that you are, in fact, at home. I understand it's not always feasible to hardwire your TV boxes, but if you are having issues with your wired or wireless connection, you're best to contact our technical support teams.