The State of Pik TV


We've had Pik TV for over a year now, at first it was somewhat reliable. Not great, but understandable for the price. Over the past year and a bit it has steadily gone downhill. At this point the Pik TV app is essentially unusable on the media box, the browser version is joke (requires FLASH PLAYER, stops to buffer indefinitely every ~5 seconds), and the mobile app is spotty at best. I've been able to deal with the not so stellar stream quality, and periodic errors given the incredibly low price. However, recently the app on the media box errors as soon as you select a channel after restarting, logging in and out, etc. This service is literally worth $0 dollars if you can't watch it on the media box of all things.


Where is Telus going with this service? Features are still being trickled out, but everyone is screaming for stability fixes, which seem to be completely ignored.