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Telusplus online On demand Pause


Hello! While watching any show on demand online through the telusplus site if you click pause during an episode then leave it for a while when you come back to the site and try to resume the episode it makes you watch the entire thing again. As fast forward is disabled for on demand online you are just forced to re-watch the entire episode from the beginning. Very annoying when you were only a few minutes from the end. Surely there's a way for the website to know what point you were paused at before it times out? 
I'm sure I've spent 100 hours over the last few years re-watching episodes I just watched haha 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Will definitely pass this feedback along to our team!

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi @jcro 


Can you share a few details such as which browser you're using, which OS you're on, which shows and channels? I just tested a few different programs at on Google Chrome, and my bookmarks were retained after pausing, exiting the tab and launching a new session. 

Thanks for the quick replies! Windows 11, Chrome 123.0.6312.122 
Interesting. I just tried a few different things and it seems no matter what I do if I pause the show and close the browser then go back into telusplus it restarts the show from the beginning. Like I say It has been this way for several years even in the previous telus tv online site. And on multiple computers. 
The show I just tested on was the equalizer S4 E4

Something else interesting. If the episode has a green progress bar at the bottom then it resumes as it should, but If it doesn't it restarts. What does the system use to know if it should have the progress bar? 


TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Thanks. I tested the same show as you and it didn't save the bookmark. Everything else I watch or have tested had bookmarks retained. I'll share with our developers to see what's happening.

Awesome thanks! I've definitely had the issue with other shows. But I'll keep a better eye for which ones. Thanks!