Still lots of issues

Ok so since the update I am having a lot of issues.
1. Overall the whole thing feels slower and stutters between menues /apps / buttons.
2. Can barely watch Netflix most of the time as at random intervals it just goes black for 2 sec then back to the Netflix menu and I have to press play again. Did it 20 times within the last 1hr of a movie the other night did a full power down seemed to help for 30 min again. Maybe a memory issue?
3. Even after the remote update I still come back to all lights off and have to press a button like volume up before it will reconnect and I can turn it on.

I really don’t want to have to call the useless tech support if I get on the phone I know I will just cancel. The roku is already being used again. Can someone from Telus actually acknowledge that the issues people are all having after the update are being looked at?


I am having the same issue. 


On demand and just shuts the whole box down.

Netflix plays for 5 min then just quits!


this is getting worse not better if they don’t fix this I’m switching. 

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Community Power User

I have no issues with Netflix or VOD at all on my Pik TV. The box does seem to load a little slower on boot though.


For Netflix, have you tried deleting the app and then reinstalling it?

I’ll try it haven’t deleted and reinstalled it yet but I have noticed it seems to be only on movies or tv shows over 30 mins not tv shows like Brooklyn 99 so maybe something to do with play length

I've just heard the agonising Sh* yell of my wife when Netflix faded to black for the 10th time while watching a suspenseful series.

Also, the UI is slower - it takes long seconds for the guide to show up. VLC app which I use to play movies from my NAS is stuttering.

It all used to work fine. The update messed it up. If we need more powerful hardware, then Telus should make it available. I'll gladly pay more for a box with a higher WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor).

Haha I hear ya. I just did a full factory reset and reinstall seems to be a bit quicker and working a bit better