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Scrolling on Pik TV

Just Moved In
I’ve recently got Pik TV and I’m using it on my browser and I’m having issues to the point where I’m going to cancel my Pik TV. I got to a title and then click “view all episodes” it pops up with all the seasons but once I click on one season it only shows me 5 episodes available but you can tell on the screen there’s more to scroll down to but my browser won’t allow me to but when I click on movies it lets me scroll as far down as possible.


Not saying this is your issue, @Brittneybeaz, but I've noticed that the On Demand content doesn't necessarily make it clear what is available to watch now and what hasn't yet aired. Maybe the 5 episodes are the past episodes available to stream and the content you can't scroll down to is the stuff that's airing in the future (sometimes it'll pull the air date for it but it's not obvious)?

Same issue I have. The mouse wheel does notbacroll the page. You need to click the bar on the right and drag it up and down. What a horribly designed product