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Samsung MultiView Tip » PikTV Mobile App

CPU Alum
CPU Alum

I have a Samsung S6 and Samsung S6 Edge.  The Edge came out with an update earlier this week that makes PikTV multiview compatible.

  • Kewl how I can watch TV while checking my emails!
  • The PikTV app can be sizeable to allow more space for your second app
  • handling the Edge is much easier with the smaller PikTV window
  • Strange how an Erickson logo pops up in the PikTV app

 The regular S6 is still unable to multiview PikTV.


The confusing thing is both version shows the same software version.



  • Android 7
  • Kernal 3.10.61-11094681


S6 Edge

  • Android 7
  • Kernal 3.10.61-11094325

Anyone else out there with Samsung phone and tablets?  Have you tried out Multi-View?  Does Pik TV multiview for you?