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Plex App on Pik Media Box


Hello Everyone,


Over the weekend I downloaded Plex for the Pik box and for my computer. For those not familiar with Plex "Plex organizes all of your video, music, and photo collections, and gives you instant access to them on all of your devices". Photos/Videos/Music therefore is now viewable on the Pik Box and on your big screen TV. 


Installation and setup was easy

1. Search in Google Play store from Pik Menu for Plex: Click Install

2. Search for Plex media server on my laptop via Google

3. Create Plex account on website from my Laptop

4. Input PIN on Plex on Pik box sent by Plex to my email 

5. Direct Folders for Plex Server on my laptop to my media


All in all it took about 8 mins. 


I now have all of my media from my computer easily available on my big screen TV. 


Issues: need to make sure audio files work with output on receiver or tv for surround sound (AAC vs AC3 etc). 


This is a great value add for customers in my book.






Just Moved In

Potentially looking at getting Pik TV and using it for network playing as well, if I can.

When you say "issue", does that mean it's something you're working on understanding more about, having to convert some video files that are more compatible, or something that the Pik boxes don't have a codec for?


As long as the Plex client is configured to output audio as bitstream, you should be good to go with any external receiver