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Piktv barely ever works

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I've dealt with the support services. they said it was my internet speed. it's now telus 150. still every time i want to use pik there is an issue. either it just won't load. message says service is unavailable and when it does work the audio lags. i'm using it through my browser. Is it just me or is this product sucky? i'm tired of continually dealing with support desk and think i should just ask for the service to be cancelled and refunded.


Community Power User
Community Power User
What computers specs, operating system and browser are you using? The times I’ve used the browser I haven’t had audio sync issues.

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I only have 75 (best I can get) but have had no issues whether watching on TV via Apple TV, on my browser (either an old Macbook or a dell), or watching on my phone.

So I can’t say for sure but I’m guessing it has to do with your computer.

I likely have the same setup - casting PikTV from Chrome browser to TV. Audio does have lug issue, sometimes video and audio freezes momentarily.

After watching channel for about 20-40 minutes service stops with error "This channel is currently unavailable, please try again later. Error No.4-44-206".

Support promised to escalate this issue with Back End team. 


Computer - laptop i5/2.5Ghz/8GB, OS - Windows 7 Professional SP1, Internet speed - 25Mbps, wired. No problems casting Netflix, or Crave.

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And that's just it, virtually every other streaming service runs flawlessly on any device they support. Look at how many platforms Netflix and YouTube run on. They just work. And they don't rely on deprecated, insecure, consumer-unfriendly technology like Adobe Flash.


Google Chrome by default disables support for Flash (like Safari) and all support for Flash will disappear from Chrome and every browser by Flash end of life in 2020. Flash is a dead end; no one wants to be supporting it. Who's actively looking for vulnerabilities in dead products? Fewer white hats, more black hats.


Browser statistics show Chrome has the lions' share of web users on desktop, mobile, and tablets. Apple has never been flash friendly. When Adobe announced the end of Flash, most of the web development community yawned because we'd moved on already. Browser makers kicked in plans to remove support and make it more difficult for Flash apps to run and for good reason, it's not a place anyone wants to invest capital into and security risks are only likely to multiply.


Yet Telus Pik on a browser demands you enable Flash. It's 2019 guys. Flash end of life was announced in 2017.


Requiring Flash means more support for consumers. It's just dumb.


Requiring Flash in 2019 suggests that Telus has abandoned this platform.