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Pike tv Beta - No password to rent a movie....

Good day,
My 2 years old rent frozen 2.... On pike tv Beta on my apple tv.
Is there a plan to activate parental control or add a password to rent movie?



My son still manage to rent another tv show.....
How can I turn parental control on pik tv????


TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hi @Patthe 


I am sorry to hear you are being inconvenienced by the lack of parental controls on your PIK TV. Currently only TELUS Optik TV has the option which includes Parental Control. The Good news...parental control is already in development, and is labeled as coming soon to PIK TV.

Want to be notified when its available?
Your iPhone and or Apple TV will notify you when there are updates pending. If you see PIK TV in the list, review the update notes to see what new improvements have been released.


Avoid accidental purchases

At this time, the only way to ensure there is no accidental purchases is to ensure you are logged out of PIK TV / MyTelus account. 

Alternative Solutions (that might work)


Learn more about PIK TV - Click Here

I wish I had dates for you, but unfortunately they are not listed anywhere at this time. I will do my best to update this post once the feature is released.

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