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PikTV's storage is full when it's not

Just Moved In

Hi. I need some help with my Pik TV media box. I'm unable to go onto the Pik TV App until I update it. Upon attempting to update it, it doesn't let me and gives me the reasoning that there's not enough storage for the update. Weird, because the update is only 30 - 50 megabytes while the box has 5 gigabytes remaining. I tried attaching a USB in the back, force stopped and uninstalled updates on apps I didn't use, and I still can't get rid of the 'full storage' claim it gives.


If anybody could help me, it would be very helpful.


Community Power User
Community Power User

If you don’t have much on the device (apps) perform a factory reset.

This may be related to an issue with the cache and data on the Pik box hard drive not being cleared periodically, resulting in an 'insufficient storage' error message that is blocking the Pik TV app upgrade. You may need to clear your Pik TV app data to clear space. You can do this from the Android TV home screen --> Settings --> Apps --> Pik TV --> clear data. After this you can re-try the app update from the Google Play Store. If successful, you may need to log back in to the Pik TV app. 


Full troubleshooting steps can be found in the support article.

How would I do a factory reset?

You can do a factory reset as follows:


from the Android TV home screen (home on your Pik TV remote) --> Settings --> Device Preferences --> About --> Reset. 


A factory reset is the most drastic troubleshooting step though -it will erase your Google account and any apps you've downloaded. I'd recommend trying to clear you data first and only doing a reset if this doesn't work.