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PikTV online won’t stream smoothly

I finally have had it with the box! So we have switched to the watered down browser option and it is BAD! No matter what browser it never streams smoothly live or on demand. It is like watching a super 8 with pause and glitches. Then I decide to go back to the box and it just stops every 2-3 min and gives me the cirlcle it’s loading.

Why can’t they get it right? Why can’t they just get something to stream?! It is frustrating and after 2 years I think I’m out. I will just get Shaw basic cable then I can get all my on demand online direct from the networks!

Community Power User
Community Power User
I don’t have any issue hard wired or wifi. What does the connection speed state on your PikTV device?

Seems you have an overall problem with your internet connection since it affects your browser steaming as well.