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Hi there,


Do you guys know whether Telus currently supports (or plans to) watching the selected channels on a browser? I have the Ethernet cable connected to my PC and I'd like to watch stuff on my monitor.



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Currently PikTV is only available using the APP on Android and iOS.

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If your monitor has an HDMI input, you could connect the PikTV device directly to your monitor.


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use this site for PC viewing



Thanks for this link,  in case it is not just me, I could not get FireFox to work with this. I could log in but not play any live or on demand content, but Chrome worked perfectly.

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Not just you.  Through a bunch of troubleshooting I got to determining the no play problem to be an issue between the browsers, the PikTV site, and Flash Player.  After some tech chats and emails with Telus specialists they've got it working fine now on the mainstream browsers: Edge, Chrome, Safari.  Still does not work with FireFox.  On your end (your computer) you also have to check and make sure that Flash Player is setup properly and is configured to stream from the PikTV site.  Browser/Flash settings.