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PikTV App is horrible!

Is there a way to go back to the old version of pick tv? At least I could actually watch tv. It lists all the channels now instead of just the ones I'm subscribed to and yes I have only subscribed channels selected in the filter. The app won't boot up at times, crashes when I'm in it and is straight up poorly organized. Now I can't even log in! It just comes up as a server error. I'm at my wits end. I have been paying for the service every month and cannot use it. Utterly unacceptable.

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hi @Kenrusnell 


We experienced a server outage this evening, and are getting things back up and running, but there may be intermittent login issues which is causing these error messages. Sorry for the inconvenience. I'd recommend force-quitting your apps and trying again. Everything seems to be working across TELUS TV Digital Box, Sony TV, Apple TV and iOS for me right now.

I can't sign in anymore, it says my password is incorrect (whick it isn't). It lists all the channels in the guide instead of just the ones I'm subscribed to and I have it set to subscribed channels in the filter. I'm using an Nvidia shield. Please fix your horrible app.

Not Nvidia shield. It displays every channel in the guide even though I have subscribed channels selected in the filter. It is generally unstable and a horrible app. Please fix it or I will cancel pik tv.


I hate that it lists all the channels now. It also won't list 2 of my subscribed channels. I have to go to Live TV to view them instead of the guide. Just garbage.


Actually 3 channels.

Hi @musicfreakcat 


Which 3 channels aren't listed in the guide and what device are you watching on? If you share some details, I can take the feedback to the technical teams for resolution.


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Same for Nvidia shield, tube. App version BYOD. Channel list displays all channels no matter the filter. Also in surfzonr selecting say 300 entertainment, it doesn't jump to this section of the guide, but rather 100

Hi @KeepOnTrucking 


I've taken the feedback to our Android developers about the channel filters. The surfzone jump in the guide (lack of jump) is a known defect that we will be resolving in the next app update.

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I'm having the same issue for the filters. I see all of them as opposed to just my subscribed. It's kind of frustrating selecting a channel. Do you know what is causing this issue?

Hi, just wanted to report I'm also having same issue. 


Running PikTV Version BYOD of the app on Chromecast with Google TV. 


The filter for "My subscribed channels" doesn't work, it just lists every single channel available so it's difficult to find just the channels that I can watch. I've tried resetting app already. The filter works fine on PikTV app on my appleTV and on browser. 

I have the same issue on our Chromecast with Google TV

Friendly Neighbour

me too, I have the same issue.  frustrating

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I hate that it lists all the channels now. It also won't list 2 of my subscribed channels. 

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i have also faced same errors while using it