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PikTV - 2.1 star rating on Google Play Store. Really that bad?




Personally I think Pik TV is a very good idea and is very useful for all the folks who have no OTA service available. If you are a cord never - like me - and don't wanna shell out big bucks for deluxe service, then Pik TV is the way to go. It's definitely not useless if we are more than happy with basic TV for a reasonable price and do not need all the bells and whistles of overpaid cable services. And it should stay this way or if you need more, then choose Optik TV please, and start bleeding.


Now is it really that bad? Yes, it is even worse! Since almost two years Pik TV is available on the media box. Actually not really because it's still not working the way I expect it to work. Needs some user action like reset or unplugging at least every second day, goes back into sleep mode after about 90 minutes into a new movie when watching Life TV, etc . The future is friendly - I don't think so and unfortunately I do not know where the real problem is. Being it providing inferior hardware as some people state or being it developers just simply unable to get a software package running without the most basic errors. 


I'm using the box connected through cable, wireless off, static IP and I have no other apps loaded. The pre-installed YouTube app works flawless so I'm leaning towards software that is not capable to handle the task. A company like TELUS should have access to people who can handle a job like error free streaming on an Android TV box.


Did I miss something?






Yes, it is. I honestly think that the device (besides the crashes and bugs) just isn't able to handle the PikTV menu interface because of the lack of RAM, it should be 6GB. Nothing is every smooth and always felt clunky personally.

We cancelled our PikTV sub 2 weeks back and I've been trying to continue using it for the interface. I'm having issues with the microphone not picking up right away (usually have to cancel and dump a few times to get it to recognize)

In summary, I agree.

@WellMade wrote:

Telus optic tv is not any better 

I find it hard to imagine how TELUS Optik could be any better. I switched from Shaw and haven’t regretted it for a moment. 


If you want to turn on your tv and just watch regular channels get a TV service. You will constantly be challenged and very rarely get to watch a show uninterrupted by a PIK issue. During a semi-final football game down it went online and the box the whole service and they reported “no issues at this time”
Steer clear!!!