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Pik experience on Apple TV since the April update

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hi Pik TV users on Apple TV,


I've heard from several of you that the latest update has resolved the black screen issues, that's great to hear.


I'd appreciate if you read this & are an Apple TV user that you respond to this thread whether the update has resolved the black screen. Any others issues you've noticed and/or features you'd love? 

Really appreciate your engagement to continual improve Pik TV!

Tanya - Product Development Team 


Community Power User
Community Power User

I have not noticed the Black Screen issue since the most recent 1.2.1 (20) build.

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Community Power User
Community Power User
No black screen issue here either. Fingers crossed 🤞


New Pik TV subscriber, running the iOS app on a recently purchased Apple TV 4K.  Overall the service has been great so far and exactly what we were looking for, but we are randomly getting a black screen while viewing content.  I'm not sure if this is the same issue as the one you refer to in this thread, but for us the signal from the ATV to the TV will randomly drop while watching something via the app - the TV screen goes black, and then a message pops up on the TV saying there is no signal detected.  The only way to restore the signal is to restart the ATV.


After searching various online forums I have found that this is a widespread issue with the Apple TV 4K when combined with TVs and soundbars from various brands.  It is also not unique to the Pik TV app and is also happening with other streaming apps on Apple TV like Netflix.  Even after updating TV firmware, trying different HDMI cables, and joining the TV iOS beta program, the issue persists.  At this point I'd like to return the ATV for a refund, but then don't have any options other than the mediocre Telus Android box, which seems to have a lot of negative reviews on here.  It would be great if Telus started supporting the Android app on other streaming devices like the Fire Stick TV and Nvidia Shield.