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Pik TV won't play CHEK TV channel 121


Why is Pik TV telling me it can only play CHEK TV channel 121 if I'm connected to my Telus home wifi neetwork while I AM connected to my Telus home wifi network?


Community Power User
Community Power User

Is that the only channel? Does the error message appear on screen or just the icon on the guide? Are you using the Pik TV box, the iOS / Android app, or the Apple TV app? 

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Channel 121 is the only channel I've noticed.  I'll check for others.

The error message fills the screen. 

I'm using the Pik TV box. Is there a way to take a screenshot using the Pik TV remote?

CHEK TV Channel 121 seems to be the only channel that thinks I am not connected to my Telus home wifi network.

I've tried to insert a photo of the screen my Pik TV displays but wasn't successful.


TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hi @Piky 


Try rebooting your box after disconnecting from wifi. It worked for another neighbour here.


Home -> Settings -> Device Preferences -> Reboot

Turning off wifi, rebooting and then reconnecting to my Telus home wifi network solved the problem.

Thanks for your help!

Having the same issue but with Apple TV app

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hi @Ryan6 


Are you connecting to Pik TV on your Apple TV on your home internet? The content provider has restricted availability when away from your TELUS home internet, so if you're on a different internet connection or a VPN, it won't show up in your guide. 


I just checked on my Pik app for Apple TV, and Chek TV is showing up in the guide and I'm able to watch.



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Thanks. Yes I am on my Telus home internet and on Pik tv Apple TV.

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