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Pik TV update

Just Moved In
Since the recent update , I have a message technical difficulty on our end appear on my screen . I have rebooted my box , cleared cache and data . This will be day 2. Any help will help

Community Power User
Community Power User

What exactly does the message say?

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After the most recent update, Pik TV to ask me to input my user name and password about every other day. Problem is, it usually times out before I can finish inputting my password. I have to be SUPER quick to try to input both my username and password. What makes it especially difficult is that you must navigate the on-screen keyboard using the PikTV remote. Very difficult. It feels like it times out after about a minute. This is not a reasonable amount of time to input a username and password when one can't use a keyboard. Plus, to make things worse, the shortcuts for the mail servers suffixes (e.g.,, etc.) DON'T include ''. How ridiculous is that for a Telus product? What gives?