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Pik TV showing black bars on the sides


Apple TV's latest pik tv app is showing an incorrect aspect ratio when playing video. It's showing about an inch or two worth of black bars on both the left and right sides. Is anyone else seeing this?


Yes I have noticed this too. Hopefully a fix is in the works .

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This is affecting the android app as well. This is affecting my viewing experience.

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Community Power User

You can pinch to zoom a slight bit to fill the screen a temporary stop gap on mobile devices. But the aspect ratio isn't displayed properly, next update perhaps.

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Had to create a **bleep** account just to also share my frustration with the new aspect ratio.

Why buy a low bezel TV just for the app to show massive black bars on the sides?

Can we get a response from the Telus team acknowledging this issue and an ETA on a fix?

Yes this needs to be fixed right away. It should not take weeks or months to fix. I do notice watching on demand movies the bars are gone and the aspect is correct . Not sure about on demand tv shows . Haven’t tried . Either way should be an easy fix .
Any know if the Pik app on google tv or Android tv app has the same issue?

Hello? Anyone? Can someone from Telus please reply to this thread? It's been several weeks and multiple users have confirmed the issue.

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After talking to Telus last night for an hour this issue is now resolved.