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Pik TV is a big disappointment and nightmare

If you are thinking of getting Pik Tv, don’t Long story short...
1 Year
4 different Pik TV boxes
4 all never worked for me and all Telus did was keep sending me new boxes.
Issues - to get is to work I have to unplug every night and reboot every day to access shows. 2-3 times per week I have to factory reset because Pik TV can’t be accessed. This is the biggest kicker. Telus forces you to access Netflix only using their technology but every time I use Netflix I am forced to factory reset after EVERY use. Needless to say I will be leaving Telus and returning to Shaw

Hi @clint17,


There is an idle timeout in Android for going to sleep. I don't have my box with me, but it's in the screensaver settings (aka daydream). Is it set to 5 minutes by any chance? That would explain the delay between 22:27 errors and the 22:32 sleep. Usually, playback applications will hold a "wake lock", which prevents it from sleeping even when the timer expires. However, it looks like the Pik TV app may have lost its wakelock along the way. The log doesn't give any hint (to many silenced lines due to "chatty" app). You can see around 22:32 Android goes to sleep intentionally:

01-19 22:32:23.698  2811  2913 I PowerManagerService: Nap time (uid 1000)...
01-19 22:32:23.710  2811  2885 I DreamManagerService: Entering dreamland.
01-19 22:32:23.712  2811  2885 I PowerManagerService: Dreaming...

A quick-and-dirty hack is to enable the "stay awake" option (Developer option). This will hold a separate "wake lock" independently of the Pik TV app, and will prevent your box to sleep, unless you actively press the power button.

Hello dominicl


My settings:


Screen Saver:  30mins (default, max 1 hour)

Put Device to sleep:  Never (default, equals max)


I'm gonna try Stay awake and will report back in about a week. Thanks for looking into the problem. I'm concerned by the frame mix up and if there

might be a flooding of the box.






Thanks for the update. If the screensaver sleep timeout is arleady set to « never », I’m not very hopeful that the « stay awake » setting will make a difference, but it’s worth a try. I watched the K: channel last night from around 8pm to 11pm without problem. Does it happen every day for you?

By the way, does anyone know what happened to this thread? It used to be called « Box randomly rebooting (not just on Netflix) » and turned into something rather depressing.

Community Power User
Community Power User

@dominicl wrote:
By the way, does anyone know what happened to this thread? It used to be called « Box randomly rebooting (not just on Netflix) » and turned into something rather depressing.

Either a moderator changed the title, or the original poster did.


Possibly it can be corrected......



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Hello dominicl


For me it did not happen Sun and yesterday. It always happened on uninterrupted sequences longer than 90min and between 22:00 and 22:45. The next window to watch will be next Fri and Sat. Then I will watch the program on my phone too to see if they die together, or if its only the box. Later on I will also replace all my equipment (2 ER-X with 2 subnets each) with the Telus supplied 3200 and only attach the box to it.


Does anybody know more about Sasktel who use the same box for their 'cheap' IPTV?


A moderator named DRU moved 2 of my posts into the 'depressing' one. Why?




I really hope you are paid for your work. I think this forum is just a way for telus to get problems ironed out for free. They want the average joe to fix their crappy program and I just hope they aren’t taking advantage of people with enquiring minds!

Full on reboots! 2 red lights and only in Netflix for me! This is so frustrating I’ve had 3 boxes I am sure it not the hw it’s the app!!

It doesn’t get better trust me. I have had 4 different Pik TV boxes that never worked properly. My experience with this and Telus has been a nightmare. Cut your losses

PikTV on Apple TV is a smooth greatly improved experience.

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Without checking specs, I am going to assume Apple TV has more RAM, which probably improves the menu interface for PikTV, which is always clunky.

I get this same problem with Apple TV/Ethernet. It is rare that I can watch TV for an hour or two without it crashing.

I am on my 4th Pik TV box and having this and all kinds of other issues. My advice is run fast and hard away from Pik TV and Telus because it doesn’t get any better with this product