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Pik TV has arrived!

Community Manager
Community Manager

It's new; it's hip, but what is it?


Our Pik TV Product Manager talks a bit about the journey from idea to launch.


All your questions about Pik TV can be found on our site - check it out.


Need help setting up Pik TV? Check out our how-tos and troubleshooting guides here.


We're positive you'll love Pik TV and it's rich features. Check out this unboxing video by Lewis from Unbox Therapy for a preview:



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@NFtoBC wrote:

@kikithecafekief101 wrote:
 You only get one stream or six streams?, I don't get it, the specs say only one tv on at a time but then the compare them it's says for pik tv something for 6 stream on just internet.

One stream. 


  • You are limited to one stream on the Pik TV app on the Telus box.
  • You can get a few additional streams running Pik TV app on your mobile device.  Warning... this will eat into your monthly data allowcation or eat into your cellular data plan.  Not sure if there is the same 3 device limit like on Optik on the Go.
  • if you use the PVR a lot to watch recorded content..... you will find Optik is preferred.

K, thanks for info. Will telus optik tv ever have 5 or more steams my dad has 5hd and 0sd, how does it work with fibre 150 and 4K? Is pik tv getting a website also with 4k res?

The PikTV device can handle 4K.  However, the PikTV app is limited to HD at this time.

Has any one here purchased and tried the service yet?

A number of us have the PikTV service right now. What questions do you have?

Mainly interested to hear about usability and quality. I am sold on the price but want to make sure it is something that is easy to use and good quality. Some other questions How easy is it to switch between Netflix and live TV. Is there good on demand catalogue? Are voice search results good?

Community Power User
Community Power User

@VanG  PikTV is running on the android tv platform. From a usability standpoint it's simple to use. Simply launch the PikTV app. You have a guide that has a compact or expanded view for the channel lineup. Pressing "guide" on the remote will present it easily. If you're a channel surfer you can press the Channel Up/Down and go through the channels as well. There is also a "PREV" (previous channel key) on the remote that goes to the last channel, just as OptikTV has.

Picture quality has no discernible differences in quality with the Optik TV service. I've noticed only a slight difference watching hockey (could use a slight bitrate/compression adjustment).

Switching from Netflix to Live TV vice versa. It's as simple as pressing the home button on the remote. Then launch the desired "app". Being an android tv device you have access to the google play store. You can down app such as crackle, pluto tv, games etc. For gaming I suggest purchasing a Bluetooth game controller.

There is a vast amount of on demand content that's available to watch. On par with OptikTV content per subscribed channels you receive.

Voice search is not available within the PikTV app itself. If you're on the main menu screen (shows your apps/games) you can launch the Voice search. It searches all places the content is available and can make your selection. Being a android tv device naturally the first predominant seedtion is to purchase from google play. Simply scroll down to find the selection via PikTV etc.








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Community Power User
Community Power User

@VanG  PikTV is running on the Android TV platform. From a usability standpoint it's rather simple to use and navigate. The remote features "Guide" and "Prev (previous channel) buttons just like OptikTV has. The guide has a compact view (shows the current show and information) or you can expand the guide and be presented a fuller guide with more channels/time(s) expanded to upcoming shows.


Picture quality there is no discernible differences between it and OptikTv. Image quality is sharp and clear like you're watching OptikTV. I have only noticed a slight degradation of picture quality when viewing hockey (a slight bitrate/compression issue). Which i am sure will be fixed in the future.


To switch between Netflix and Live TV vice versa is very easy. Simply press the "Home" key on the remote control and you will be shown the main Android TV menu. From there you can simply select your app and launch it.


The on demand catalogue has a vast amount that you can view. Just as OptikTV carries via your subscribed content. You can easily catch up on missed episodes or watch previous seasons.


With voice search it does not work inside the PikTV app, pressing the "Mic" button will simply bring up a search box. You have to enter letters manually then search PikTV content.


Where you can use the voice search is the main Android TV menu. From there pressing the Mic button on the remote you can say "Breaking Bad". It will search all content that is available on example: YouTube, PikTV, Netflix etc. Keep in mind being an Android TV based device.


When you search, google being the prominent (android tv) means it will recommend you purchase it via the play store. Simply scroll down the selections presented to find it via PikTV app etc.


I rarely use the voice feature as i can manually search within PikTV and their GUI (graphic user interface) easily enough. Being an Android TV device you have access to all Google PlayStore content for the device. You can install apps such as PlutoTV, Crackle, Games etc. For games i recommend purchasing a bluetooth game controller. As the PikTV remote is not meant for gaming, and has limited function/control in very few games that can work with it.


The controller i purchased from amazon was this one, and works really well.




Expanded Guide




Live TV (press home on remote), can simply launch Netflix or any "app" you choose easily.

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@VanG wrote:
Mainly interested to hear about usability and quality.

Compared to another Android boxes....

  • PikTV appears to offer better images
  • PikTV is a little bigger.  My competitor Android box requires an external antenna and the wifi is still not reliable.
  • you get local stations!!!  Important for me to get the local news.

For me.... I prefer Optik's convenience

  • less image compression on Optik, so image is better with more detail (eg hair).
  • American channels..... at this time, USA channels are not available
  • I can't give up the PVR..... especially when it's able to record 4 channels at once.

Yes and here is my experience
I certainly not recommending this service to anyone.
truly based on my experience with this PIKTV service and teslu customer service agents and tech support
I signed up over two weeks ago and right after the service started I installed the android pikTV app on my phone and android TV box. have in mind that my devices are connected to my router and my router is connected to the telus modem.
only the first 2-3 day everything worked great and smoothly. while I was waiting for the telus PikTv box to arrive, all of a sudden 6 of my channels including some from +5 stopped working and I got the following error:
" sorry, playback is only available when conencted to your telus internet at home. "
well nothing was changed. my connection was the same.
I started contacting the telus tech support. and everytime I was told to restart the router, restart the modem. no other explanation.
then the PikTV box arrived. now the PikTV box was working fine while connected to the same wifi on my router
anyways, on the 4th attempt talking to the telus agent we managed to get the piktv app working on my android devices and only if it was connected to the 2.4g wifi on my router.
now here is another issue with the pikTV app on the android, YOU CAN NOT DISABLE THE AUDIO DESCRIPTION
yup, I am not lying. whoever developed this app simply forgot to add that option on it. when I told telus, they said "some channel have that and you can not disable it" when I answered, so how come I can disable it on my pikTV box? they answered "we do not know"
today I noticed that 7 channels on both pikTV app and Pik TV box can not be displayed because I am not connected to telus home network.
is this a joke? I even connected to the modem directly and the same message showed up.
I emailed the same agent I talked to last time and he called me back and asked me a whole bunch of unnecessary and pointless questions like, have you reseted the modem to factory defult. do you have VPN... I say pointless because I answered to all of those questions before and yet they are asking the same questions. interestingly the people I thought were from telus tech support are not actually tech support. they are only a messenger between the support team and customers.
so, as their own telus reps said these guy are just testing the new service and funny thing is they are charging us for it. if you are testing it, why are you asking for money. you should actually be paying us, because users like me are the ones that are testing your system and pointing out the problems
the verdict, I am gonna wait another day and see if there is a solution.

@Ronkhmps the audio description issue you're describing on your Pik TV app on your Android phone is unfortunately a known issue we're working to resolve.  As for your other issue with some channels not being playable I've PMed you for specific details.

@melissaj- Is there an update on this issue? I have just received my PikTV unit and the described audio/subtitle 'always on' is still an issue. Is this a default setting for every unit or only certain versions? I'm surprised no one else has mentioned it.. at this point i'll probably just return the unit.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Go to the accessibility section in settings,  and TURN ON closed captioning. Then restart the device. You may need to make a selection at the bottom of the screen, but if I recall this fixed it for me.  Counterintuitive, but works!


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@alanaround closed captioning on by default is a known issue impacting some customers.  We are aware of it but unfortunately I don't know when it will be fixed.  Sorry.


Other than @NFtoBC's suggestion, I may suggest power cycling your media box (unplugging it and plugging it back in) as that sometimes resets the default settings.

Could you pm me as well as to how to get the channels that are not coming in. On my iPad and a android box there are channels that do not come in. Thanks in advance

Community Power User
Community Power User

The channels will depend on which ones you have subscribed to. Are the channels you subscribed to not working? Do you see an error message? Also which Android box? The Pik TV box or a third party Android box?

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The channels that are not coming in are ones that I subscribe to. The android box is a Minix. I have not received th pik box yet. There are 8 channels not coming in. No I do not have a vpn running. I am at home on my Telus network.IMG_1671.PNG

Community Power User
Community Power User

The missing channels will become available to you once you have the PikTV device connected to your network and fully set up. If you move it to another network, even a subnet on your home network, they will disappear again. The PikTV device provides some form of credential to your local network.


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Cool. Good to know. Thanks

Community Power User
Community Power User

I had the same message tonight. Rebooted the Pik TV box and it went away.

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Happy to announce that Pik TV is now available for all TELUS Internet customers in Alberta and BC. 


Interested in learning bit more about the journey and provide feedback?... Check out the Blog Introducing… TELUS Pik TV™  from one of the Pik TV product manager