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Pik TV app on Apple TV DOESN'T WORK

Just Moved In
The PIK TV app on my Apple TV randomly freezes (image freezes audio keeps going), after a few seconds, sometimes up to 30, the video runs in fast-forward until it catches up and then it works fine for a some time until it freezes again... sometimes it happens 2-3 times per hour, but sometimes it can be up to once per minute...It seems to happen on live TV and with on-demand programs and on any channel.

I deleted and re-installed the app, restarted my router, restarted Apple TV. My Apple TV is connected via Ethernet.

It all started after my Apple TV updated the Pik TV app in November 2020. The issue wasn't there before. It doesn't happen with any other app...If I watch Global on the Global app, it doesn't happen, but it will on the PIK app. Unfortunately, some channels I've subscribed don't have their own app.

It's not only annoying...there are days the app is unwatchable. Period.

I've called Telus Customer Service 7 times since November...each time, the technician ask me to plug and unplug everything, uninstall and reinstall the app, update my Apple TV, uninstall apps they think may interfere with PIK, etc...each time there's no results... each time they tell me they are escalating the issue to the "Development Team" and each time someone is supposed to call me within 48 hours...7 times...IT NEVER HAPPENED...and the app is still not working properly...!!!

This is my last attempt at getting help! At this point, I'm wasting $50 a month on a service that doesn't work! If it can't be resolved within the next week or so, I'll simply cancel with Telus and get the same service from Shaw....please Help!!!

What apple tv model do you have? Telus just offered me a free 4k one saying it works great with pik now..

I've got the latest 4K model that I bought directly from Apple.