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Pik TV and Netflix crashing

Okay so here's a wierd one. I've tested this multiple times and get the same result every time. When I'm watching Netflix on my pik TV android box every time I unlock my cell phone the TV screen glitches and the entire box shuts down. Were talking all lights flash orange and the box completely reboots. Every single time. Note that I'm not watching pik TV on my phone its operating on the standalone box. So why is my cell phone causing it to crash?

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We are experiencing the exact same problem. I have a Google Pixel 2 (android sys 10) and we have experienced this problem since owning our Pik TV box. My partner can be watching whatever (Netflix, hoopla) and things are fine until I unlock my phone. It glitches, freezes, then must restart. In order to watch anything app related without disruption, I have to avoid using my phone entirely. Please look into this!

Community Power User
Community Power User

Are you casting from your phone? Is your phone connected to the Pik TV in any way? 

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