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Pik TV Update: April 5th, 2019

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey all, we’re happy to announce that we are releasing an update to the Pik TV app on Apple TV which should resolve the black screen issue that some of you have reported. You can also expect the following improvements:


Content discovery & binge watching

  • Binge watching now enabled for TV series
  • While watching an On Demand TV episode swipe down on remote to bring up other episodes in the same season
  • Easily find other airings of a program from the details page


Performance Improvements

  • Resolution of issues causing a black screen to appear
  • Channel change improvements with imagery appearing as the live TV channel loads


Guide Improvements

  • Addition of date picker


Again, thank you for your continued feedback and we’ll continue to improve the Pik TV experience with your help.


Just Moved In
may i aka which version you have updated base on ios system? i have one iphone and one ipad still shows black screen when I login pikTV app.

and plus, i buy an new apple TV box yesterday from apple store, i can not into my telus account in pikTV app, it is takes forevery

I have never had a black screen issue at sign in and never on a iPhone. Our Pik apps would be the same. You need to call Telus.

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