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Pik TV Channel issues (you are not connected to a Telus Network

Just Moved In

Hello all,

I have signed up for Pik TV for a little while now, never seem to notice, but when I decided to swap out some channels, I began to see some issues. I have both a Telus Pik TV box and a Google TV with Chromecast (this is the better device btw.) 


The issue is that the new channel that I swapped to is not showing up on my guide. So, I went onto the top filter button to have it show "My subscribed Channels", then the channel will show up but with a white crossed-out house icon on it. This button is supposed to show when you are not connected to a Telus Home Wifi which I am connected to. However, my TVs are far away where my Telus Modem is, and there is no way that it can be connected via ethernet at all. I am currently using powerline to have my Pik TV box connected. It does allow me now to watch the channel, but every time the TV box is turned on and off, I will have to select the filter button on the top corner and get the channel to show up. This is such a hassle to just want to watch a channel that I subscribed to.


I wonder if anyone is having the same issue and how did you resolve it? I had a technician called and helped remote to my modem to troubleshoot and he suggested me to get the wifi boosters, which pretty much is the same as my powerline setup. I did get them, but they do not work as well. Like are we just being left out because we don't want to use Optik TV? Like why bother offer Pik TV then, right? To be honest, I feel quite disappointed. 


Also, I found out there were other channels that acts the same way.