Pick TV on Telus media box is always choppy


I have been using Pik TV now for almost 2 years. Most used on my computer browser or phone. recently I got a new Telus media box from Telus, and when I use Pik TV through the box it is so laggy and choppy.

It's a wireless connection (internet 300). No issues with choppiness or lag on phone or computer and they're also on the same wireless connection.

The box itself is fully updated and I'm using the most recent Pik TV app.

Anyone have a solution to this problem? I'm very disappointed I cannot watch a smooth sports game or show. Very frustrating.

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Community Power User

I thought Telus stopped selling the Pik media box in favour of other user-purchased options such as Apple TV, NVIDIA Shield TV, Sony Android TV, or Google Chromecast with Google TV.


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Yes. Mine works perfect. The secret: Use an Ethernet cable and not wireless! Do not waste your money on more expensive hw, the box is good for HDTV.